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About Me

Jeremiah Hughes began his training in Toronto at the prestigious Canadian Dance Company. After a decade of competing internationally and representing Canada on the world stage he enrolled to the interdisciplinary Randolph College for the Performing Arts in Toronto, where he expanded his craft with Acting, Singing and Stage Combat. After being a featured Soloist on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and touring with dance conventions he transformed these success to acquire a rare internship at the Broadway Dance Center in NYC. Jeremiah has had the honor to perform with artists such as Bruno Mars, Meat loaf and Taylor Swift. During his career he also had the honor to be apart of many shows, some of the most acclaimed being Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Viva ELVIS’, ‘LE REVE’, ‘PEEPSHOW’, ‘JUBILEE!’, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and is currently on tour as the Lead Male Role of ‘Ralu’ in Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘TORUK - The First Flight’ where he is also the shows Dance Captain. When not on stage Jeremiah has found great success in Choreographing and Directing. Being able to gain credits for stages such as ‘Broadway Bares’ and ‘CISCO Partners Global Gala’. Jeremiah has a highly dynamic, charismatic and diverse profile who places great importance on storytelling in his craft.

Height: 6'

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Location: Vancouver / Las Vegas

Jeremiah Hughes

Avatar - The Way of Water | James Cameron

Actor ​/ Motion Capture


Cirque Du Soleil | Toruk - "The First Flight"(Creation to Completion)

Lead Actor "Ralu" ​/ Dance Captain

Cirque Du Soleil | Viva ELVIS

Dancer / Acrobat


So You Think You Can Dance - Season 8 | Dick Clark Productions

Featured Soloist

Billboard Awards - Taylor Swift | Tyce Diorio


Today Show - NBC News (U.S.A.)

Featured Performer

Special Events

Broadway Bares (multiple years) | Jerry Mitchell

Aerialist / Dancer​

Wynn New Years Eve (multiple years) | Destinations By Design 

Assistant Choreographer / Featured Dancer

CISCO Partners Global Gala | Living Art of Armando

Director / Choreographer


Muinicipalities of Ontario | Broadcast Booking Corp

Lead Actor​ / V.O.C.

Samsung | Stonehenge Films

Actor / S.O.C.

Pentax | TASAC

Actor / S.O.C.


Acting: currently in session with Berg Studios, David Rotenberg, Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, Sears & Switzer

Gymnastics: Oakville Gymnastics Club, Fern Adair Conservatory for the Arts

Dance: Broadway Dance Center Internship, Allain Lupien, Canadian Dance Company

Aerial: Armando Farfan Jr, Cirque Du Soleil, Gabrielle Martin

Special Skills

Director, Movement Specialist, Choreographer, Partnering, Hand to Hand, Power Tumbling, Stage Combat, Aerial Work, Harness Work (Two/One Point), Magicians Assistant, Certified “Aqua Theater Performer Diver”

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